Flea Control Options

Whether you have a dog or a cat, Flea Control is something you will at some stage come across. Below are a few suggestions to help you with the task with your Flea Control Options

Keep an Eye on Your Pet

Watch your pet for commons signs and symptoms of a infestation such as excessive biting and scratching, particularly around the tail and lower back areas. Consider flea Control Options Check for raw patches of skin where your dog has been scratching at fleas. Another bit of evidence is “flea debris,” specks of dried blood that are black in color.

Flea Control Options such as Flea Collars and Powders.
If you have caught the problem relatively early.  might be possible to eliminate fleas by simply using flea collars and powders. There are several brands and types to choose from, and many contain a special comb with fine teeth that is designed to remove fleas from fur.

Flea Baths

It’s helpful to bathe your pet frequently using a specially formulated soap or treatment. It’s necessary to take into consideration the type of fur or coat your pet has when bathing. This is particularly true for dogs as some breeds have essential oils that shouldn’t be washed away with soap and water more than once or twice a year. If bathing in a flea bath isn’t an option for your pet, consult your vet for other alternatives.

Monthly Medication
There are pills available for your pet to take on a monthly basis. This will prevent fleas from reproducing but they do not kill the ones that have reached adulthood. There are also multi-purpose medications and products available designed to prevent fleas from reproducing also controlling heart-worm, hookworms, whip-worms and roundworms.

Fleas will always exist, but with careful planning and proper treatment, they need not become a problem for you or your pet.

Electronic Flea Control Puppy Combs


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