Introduce Puppy’s New Home

Puppy’s  for a new puppy getting settled you must Introduce Puppy’s New Home and with new surroundings new smells .

Crating is one way that a lot of people use with success . When Introducing Puppy’s New Home some think that crating is like placing the puppy in jail .  In this instance, you should never use the crate to administer punishment. Make sure the size of the crate is comparable to the dog.  It is fine to get a larger crate if the dog will grow into it.  Use a partition board to keep the crate smaller until the pup grows.  Make sure the animal has enough room when you Introduce Puppy’s New Home and stand up comfortably.\

Getting Familiar With New Sleeping  Arrangements

Puppy’s generally need enclosed small places to feel secure.  Crating works because the puppy feels safe in his own private place Introduce him to the crate first.  Let him explore around it.  He may go in or just sniff around it at first.  He will slowly become at ease with the structure.  Begin by placing the pup in the crate for 20 After twenty minutes, take him out of the crate and then straight outside to potty.

Praise him if he does.  Take him back inside afterward, and play with him for about half an hour.  Then place him back in the crate again.  If he doesn’t go in, throw a treat inside.  Praise when he enters and close the door.  Try another twenty minutes.  Puppies can be confined for one hour for each month old they are plus one hour.  If your puppy is four months old, he should be ale to build up to five hours.

Your Puppy Progress

A puppy progresses almost like children do.  They need to eat, sleep, and learn new things along the way.  Always interact and play with your puppy to give him exercise and keep him mentally and physically fit.The first two to three weeks are usually the hardest.  The puppy will begin to move around and open his eyes.  He will know his Mom and her smell.

Most people think that training a dog is hard and expensive. Moreover, dog training requires a lot of patience and creativity for your dog. We have to remember that dogs may be intelligent but they can not be as intelligent as us. The article provides some of the basic things dog owners need to know so they can do the training themselves. However, to maximize the full potential of your dog, a dog trainer should be hired instead.

Training and Education

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Introduce Puppy's New Home

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